Events and Updates

The primary objective of the organization is to provide a center of information for women on their essential rights and issues that need addressing. Educational, financial, and legal assistance are offered to deserving candidates. Here at Atlanta Social Media Women, we conduct assessments in the community, as well as conferences and open forums concerning women.

  • Medical Mission

Medical missions are regularly conducted every month with our partner hospitals and volunteers. These activities are usually centered on prenatal and postnatal consultations, pediatric concerns, and health programs for the elderly members of the community. Some missions are geared towards community education about family planning and general health.

  • Vocational training

The organization provides training courses for basic computer programming, radiation and nuclear technology, fashion design and sewing, plumbing, electrical and HVAC services, and bookkeeping and clerical work. Other short courses include culinary lessons, carpentry, and babysitting or caregiving. Atlanta Social Media Women has helped a number of local women make a living out of these training. Full classes usually last for three months, while short courses can be covered in as short as one week. Certificate of completion is given to course finishers.

sewing machine and hand close up

  • Mentorship program

Mentorship programs are available for those who wish to be part of the organization as volunteer or partner. The esteemed members of Atlanta Social Media Women invite prominent female personalities to conduct small group discussion, retreats, and open forums about leadership, business strategies, and more.

  • Counseling

Aggravated women typically need professional psychiatric help to assist them in getting over their traumatic experience healthily. Licensed therapists are available for victims of assault, domestic violence, or rape. This service is given without a fee and everyone, whether diagnosed or not, are encouraged to have a consultation for general mental health assessment.

  • Legal aids

Women who are having issues with unfair company policies and unethical practices are given legal assistance by our lawyers. Women are educated about their fundamental rights to ensure impartial company decisions on matters that involve them.

Atlanta Social Media Women provide these services and more for free. This is to ensure that each one can access the same quality service regardless of the societal status.