Issues To Address

Atlanta Social Media Women is comprised of the local community of women in Atlanta from different backgrounds and walks of life. Community volunteers, teachers, lawyers, doctors, and homemakers compose the organization and together aim for women empowerment. They deem that encouraging women is essential as this could maximize their potentials as productive citizens of the fist on woman black and white

The following issues are of grave importance for the organization. Hence they are immediate concerns that Atlanta Social Media Women aims to address:

Violence against women

About 1/3 of women all over the world experience some form of gender-related violence, such as sexual assault, domestic violence, and rape. The organization aspires to put a halt to violence in general, and it is believed that doing so can allow women to feel more secure and safe in their community. Help desks, financial aids, legal assistance, and mental health assessment and counseling are made available to the aggravated victims through the organization.

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Lack of Education

Education should be a right, but in today’s circumstances, it is somewhat only given to the privileged ones. Atlanta Social Media Women provide educational assistance to those who are going to college and university, as well as vocational training for women who want to learn skills apt for business and money making. The organization’s Facebook page contains lots of free infographics and educational materials for different fields, which can help start up women’s interest in certain trades.

Maternal health and rights

Maternal death is indeed rampant in the United States. Pregnancy-related deaths have increased over the years, and the country has not put much emphasis on those cases. Women should not have to die from the nature of their body, which is to carry a child, only if maternal health care is given more weight. It is also unfortunate that the United States is the only first world country that does not grant mandatory paid maternity and parental leave. The government should also emphasize affordable and accessible health care for pregnant women and children. The Atlanta Social Media Women provides consultation services for pregnant women who do not have health insurance. Assistance is also given for teenage parents with parenting seminars, breastfeeding classes, and family planning.

Gender-related wage inequality

In the United States alone, more than 60% of minimum wage workers are women, and most of these women are their household’s breadwinners. It is a societal norm that women are the primary homemaker, maintaining the home while brining in very little income for the family. Economic inequality has always been a concern in the local Atlanta community. The organization pushes for an adequate number of paid leaves, accessible family support group, and counseling for women.